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Now Packaged With John Lithgow’s Marsupial Sue

 TORRANCE , Calif. – July 12, 2005 – Knowledge Adventure today announced that several titles in its best-selling JumpStart Advanced™ software series will include a free copy of John Lithgow’s New York Times best seller Marsupial Sue for a special back-to-school promotion. JumpStart Advanced three-disc sets for toddlers through fourth graders are now available with the award-winning book packaged inside at retail outlets throughout North America for the suggested retail price of $29.99.

 “For parents who are looking for an effective way to help their child build essential learning skills, our JumpStart Advanced three-CD sets provide rich educational content at an incredible value,” said David Blumstein, Chief Executive Officer, Knowledge Adventure. “John Lithgow’s children’s storybook is an added bonus to the hours and hours of engaging activities children will experience on the PC, as they strengthen their reading, language and math skills.”

“I am excited to partner with Knowledge Adventure and to share the story of Marsupial Sue with the large, established JumpStart Advanced fan base,” said John Lithgow, award winning actor and best selling author of Marsupial Sue. “The book has 40 beautifully illustrated color pages that tell a sweet tale about the potential that lies within each and every child. It is a perfect accompaniment to learning software that seeks to enrich children by helping them build skills for life.”

 About JumpStart Advanced Products:

  • JumpStart Advanced Toddlers – This set introduces toddlers to a world of learning and discovery using sing-along songs, engaging characters and inspiring activities to teach numbers, letters, colors and shapes. Kids use seven different learning styles to master basic pre-reading, math, computer, science, art and music skills.
  • JumpStart Advanced Preschool – This complete school readiness program uses up-beat music and compelling word games to build essential preschool skills such as pre-reading, math, art, music and languages including Spanish, French and Japanese. A built-in learning profiler determines the user’s learning style and adjusts play accordingly.
  • JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten – Using this set, children will build and practice essential Kindergarten skills including more than 50 important math, reading, science, music and nature skills. More than 40 amazing animals will be discovered through sixteen fun activities and “field trips.” An arts and crafts disc allows kids to paint, paste, color, sticker and design their own masterpieces.
  • JumpStart Advanced 1 st Grade – Users will build essential skills such as reading (consonants, vowels, blends, diagraphs, vocabulary), writing (spelling, sentence building), math (addition, subtraction, fractions, skip counting, sequencing), science (life and earth sciences, nutrition), social studies (communities, world regions) and art/music (melody and rhythm, colors, shapes). Beginning money and measurements are also taught through fun activities and songs.
  • JumpStart Advanced 2 nd Grade – Children will build fundamental skills for second grade and get a jump start on third grade learning as well. Hundreds of math problems teach addition and carrying, subtraction with borrowing, fractions, time and money. Reading and spelling words are practiced to increase reading comprehension and vocabulary. A Mystery Club disc allows kids to investigate crime scenes and earn a detective badge.
  • JumpStart Advanced 3 rd Grade – Third graders will travel in time to solve the puzzle of Mystery Mountain , building math, history and science skills along the way. Far-out “field trips” engage users in action-packed adventure games while they learn art, geography and social studies skills. Automatic leveling adjusts play to user’s pace.
  • JumpStart Advanced 4 th Grade – A missing treasure map and suspicious characters make for thrilling adventures in Sapphire Falls . Fourth grade skills such as math, geography and grammar will be sharpened. History, science and art skills will be used to earn points toward ultimate “field trips” – fun adventure games that teach beginning fifth grade skills as well.

The product packs including a free copy of Marsupial Sue will be available through December 2005 or while supplies last. For more information about JumpStart Advanced products or the rest of Knowledge Adventure’s 2005 lineup, please visit  

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