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New Early Literacy Program Features Classroom Management System
Designed to Help Individualize Learning for K-1 Students

Torrance, Calif. – June 22, 2005 – How well are America’s children reading? Not nearly well enough – according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). Approximately 40 percent of students across the nation cannot read at a basic level, according to NAEP reports. Most experts agree that the key to life-long literacy is to establish the basic elements of reading instruction -- phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension -- in the primary grades, a not-so-easy task when one considers the vast discrepancy of learning readiness in young children, to say nothing of the variety of learning styles.

To answer that call, Knowledge Adventure®, the leading publisher of educational software products for schools and homes, has introduced Reading Readiness. The first in a new series called Knowledge Adventure Solutions, school-specific multimedia offerings developed by the makers of the award-winning Jump Start® and Math Blaster® software products, Reading Readiness is a robust, content-rich, early reading system that gives teachers the adaptive learning tools needed to build phonemic awareness and phonics skills for children in primary classes.

“ Reading is undeniably the foundation for success in society and establishing critical reading skills at an early age is the essential foundation for future success,” said Leslie House, senior vice president of product development for Knowledge Adventure. “With Reading Readiness teachers will get what they have been asking for – an easy-to-use software solution that works as a teacher’s helper in the classroom by reinforcing what’s being taught in the classroom – in a fun and interactive way.”

With Reading Readiness, teachers can select from more than 30 different phonics activities to create customized lessons for their students. Ranging from letters and sounds to word building, spelling and decoding, the systematic, teacher-designed lessons help students learn the skills they need -- at their own pace. Utilizing the built-in advanced classroom management tools, teachers can track progress of each student skill by skill – correlated to state and national standards. A series of specially designed in –class/take-home readers, detailed progress reports, and take-home skill-building materials foster parental involvement to track and share each student’s reading accomplishments.

“We know that parents are a child’s best first reading teacher,” said House. “However, the classroom is where students’ skills get formalized. Teachers understand the importance of offering proven supplemental reading instruction and embrace the implementation especially for students in the early grades. This provides the opportunity to closely monitor progress and track improvements leading to greater achievement in later years.”

Designed by educators, the Reading Readiness software has scores of distinctive features including:

  • Customizable lessons which can be set for the entire class or for a group of students based on skill level.
  • Over 70 different lessons to address more than 30 early reading skills.
  • Adaptive learning technology to keep students challenged, engaged and working at their level.
  • Pre and post tests to provide benchmarks to monitor student progress skill by skill – correlated to current standards. Teachers can immediately address deficiencies as well as recheck mastery.
  • Supplemental books for students and school-to-home tips to link parents to their children’s on-going reading program and reinforce classroom learning.
  • Collaborative teacher materials provide efficient classroom management tools complete with in-class exercises and additional classroom projects which adapt to any curriculum or textbook.

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For more than 20 years, children’s software pioneer Knowledge Adventure® has set the standard in creating premium educational products for use in both the classroom and the home.  With award-winning brands including JumpStart®, Reading Blaster® and Math Blaster® found in one of every five American classrooms, Knowledge Adventure understands the needs of teachers and provides educators with the supplemental, content-rich materials needed to meet and exceed today’s education standards.  Teacher tested and trusted, Knowledge Adventure software has helped millions of students build and strengthen essential learning skills. A subsidiary of Knowledge Holdings, Inc., the company is based in Los Angeles.  For more information, please visit

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NOTE TO EDITORS: At the NECC conference in Philadelphia, the Knowledge Adventure educational software products can be seen at the Software Express booth #500.