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JumpStart World Personalizes Experience for Each Child;
Parents Can Participate, Even on the Road

TORRANCE, Calif. – May 11, 2007 - JumpStart World™, a revolutionary learning system that invites kids in grades K-2 to explore a wildly-imaginative three-dimensional world of whimsical lands, lively activities and endearing characters, is on its way to retail from Knowledge Adventure.® Utilizing game play and a mission-based reward system, children build confidence and self esteem while they acquire core math, reading and critical thinking skills.

More than two years in the making, JumpStart World offers children a chance to explore a vast, personalized world that unfolds at each child’s own learning pace. Whenever a kid takes on a new challenge, a cutting-edge adaptive learning system responds, offering new adventures based on that individual child’s achievements. A delightful set of animated characters interacts in real time with the children, offering encouragement and guidance on new adventures.

One of JumpStart World’s distinguishing qualities is the opportunity for parent participation. JumpStart World Parent’s Center allows Moms and Dads to personalize their child’s learning environment by adding photos, birthday wishes and other forms of encouragement that appear in the world as the child plays, allowing parents to stay connected, even if they are on the road. At the Member’s Website, parents can also get customized tips on how to extend the learning at home, seek advice from experts and create custom reward coupons for their child.

JumpStart World is an exciting enrichment option for busy parents,” says David Blumstein, Chief Executive Officer, Knowledge Adventure. “These products incorporate the latest technology and learning theory along with game play, letting young children have fun while developing fundamental skills. When a parent wants a trustworthy product that will actively engage and excite their children, they should turn on their personal computer and introduce them to JumpStart World.”

Activities in JumpStart World are designed to engage children and motivate them to come back to the computer again and again to take on new interactive missions – just as their older brothers and sisters do when playing adventure-based video games. The Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade products each contain hundreds of enriching activities that provide hours and hours of fun while helping the child develop core skills. Gems and badges are earned along the way for mastering missions, which can be traded in for customized rewards the child’s parent creates. After completing all the activities in an entire grade level, children are named JumpScout Explorer, JumpStart Leader or JumpStart Hero.

Before releasing the product line, Knowledge Adventure’s development team sought input from Kindergarten and elementary school teachers, and also parents of K-2-age children. “Part of our mission is to support the parents’ role as the hero in their children’s educational experiences. Parental involvement is crucial, especially in the formative years,” says Leslie House, Senior Vice President, Product Development. “All of the research shows that a child’s learning is dramatically enhanced when parents participate in their development.”

Parents can purchase JumpStart World for Kindergarten, First or Second Grade at major retail outlets nationwide or from the Knowledge Adventure website for $19.99. The product can also be downloaded from The initial package contains two Adventure Packs offering more than 60 learning games and missions that cover more than 30 curriculum-based skills. The two initial packs are designed to keep the average child actively engaged for two months.

For children who want to go on more missions, 10 additional Adventure Packs are available for each grade level, each with new areas of the world to explore, full of games and skill-based activities designed to engage children for approximately one other month. The additional Adventure Packs are available for easy download at just $7.99 each. For more information please visit or

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