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“JumpStart Advanced Preschool World is a feast for the eyes and senses. Butterflies float by, birds sing and the friendly characters teach by sharing experiences. They will talk about the importance of eating a healthy breakfast, of exercising and brushing your teeth daily. They explain how having friends means sharing your things and they ask children to do that in the game…there's a lot of fun and learning to be had.”

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USA Today, May, 2008, May, 2008

Washington Post
“Knowledge Adventure has an online world set to launch this summer. To access the fun parts of the online world, such as areas where kids can race against one another, users have to earn points on educational exercises. Parents will be able to tweak the types of assignments the online game world doles out; if a child is falling behind in math, for example, the game can dispense more math-related activities. "Think of it as World of Warcraft for 3- to 10-year-olds," said David Lord, chief executive of the Torrance, Calif., company. Michael H. Levine, executive director of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, which studies how technology can be used to speed children's learning, seemed to like the idea.”

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Washington Post, May 2008

“The ride-height requirement on virtual worlds is about to move down a few inches. Knowledge Adventure, the maker of kids' educational game software JumpStart, plans Monday to begin selling virtual world software for 3- to 5-year-olds. The software, called JumpStart Advanced Preschool World, will encourage kids to learn their ABCs by playing games in a 3D version of the beach or a jungle, with heavy use of voice and images instead of text. And it will give young ones their first taste of creating and decorating an avatar.”

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CNET, May 2008

“If you’ve been noticing an increase in the number of smudgy fingerprints on your computer screen, it may be because your young children are spending more time online.”

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NY Times, May 2008

USA Today
“Something new is happening in children's educational software and it's very exciting. After years in development, Knowledge Adventure has rolled out JumpStart World Kindergarten, a personalized 3-D gaming world full of learning games and fun activities that are constantly changing.”

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USA Today, May 2007

ABC News
“A series of three products [JumpStart World] for kindergartners, first graders and second graders is brilliantly melding the gaming world and education.”

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ABC News, June 2007

“A new form of edutainment software has arrived in the form of JumpStart World, an educational theme park for Windows computers that can replenish itself with new content.”

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NY Times, April 2007 (Houston Chronicle)
“To qualify as a primo piece of educational software, a title should offer many and varied academic activities, plenty of play-oriented pursuits, incentives to spur and reward achievement and all the interactive trimmings — cool characters, great 3-D graphics and snappy sound effects.
JumpStart World Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade ($19.99 disc, $15.99 download, Knowledge Adventure, Windows, ace all those tests and do the extra-credit assignment as well: addressing the been-there/done-that problem that plagues parents' pocketbooks.”

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5 Minutes for Mom
“Kyle loves these special features that help make the game [JumpStart Advanced Preschool World] his own, so much so that he’s probably not noticing that he’s learning number and letter concepts, vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and so much more which will help get him ready for school.”

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5 Minutes for Mom, June 2007

“Move over World of Warcraft—educational software developer Knowledge Adventure, Torrance, Calif., is going 3-D next month with the launch of its new Jumpstart World personalized learning system for kindergarten, first and second graders. This fully developed, interactive world works hard to achieve an appearance and flow that mimic the fast-moving video game graphics that today's kids know all too well.”

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Playthings, September 2006
“I've got a bone to pick with the creators of Jump Start World. Ever since their software arrived on Friday, I haven't been able to wrestle my computer back from my five-year-old for more than five minutes at a time.”

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The Toy Man
“5 out of 5 stars!
JumpStart World™ Kindergarten is a fascinating 3D world of learning for a child that progresses in response to their own specific pace. Unlike many other educational games where its a one size fits all approach, JumpStart World™ Kindergarten works in an incremental approach via multiple groups of adventures that capture a child's attention and creates an interactive learning environment.”

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The Toy Man, March 2008

Toronto Star (Evergeek Media)
“One of the most engaging and long-playing pieces of interactive family fun you’re likely to come across, Knowledge Adventure’s Books by You generates kid-friendly books as penned by the user, kid or parent – ideally both together…Truly stimulating and really, really, fun, Knowledge Adventure Books by You is, bar-none, the best piece of software you could get for your kid.”

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Toronto Star, February 2007

Bananas and Toddlers
“From the start, The Boy has been enamored with [JumpStart World]. I'm not even sure he knows he's learning. He loves collecting the gems as a reward, and frequently wants to show me what he's doing. He takes serious consideration as to what character he's going to be for the day's adventure.”

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Bananas and Toddlers, November 2007

Baton Rouge Parent’s Magazine
“JumpStart World is an interactive learning game for the PC full of fun activities, friendly characters and whimsical worlds… Sure to be a game that you and your kids will appreciate, run out for your JumpStart today.”

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Baton Rouge Parent’s Magazine, December 2007

Mom to the Screaming Masses
“I have to say that my kids ADORED this game [JumpStart World]… Literally, I could not pull them away from the computer whenever this game was on. The fact that it was educational, and that every time they started playing it had new material, is a pleasant and welcome bonus.”

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Mom to the Screaming Masses, November 2007

Mom is Teaching
“He literally had to be peeled away from the computer to eat meals and go use the bathroom! I liked that it was easy for him to navigate his way through each of the arcades and areas without needing to ask one of us a million times to get him through a certain part. This [JumpStart World] was a game that he could play on his own and that gave him so much pride in what he was doing.”

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Mom is Teaching, November 2007

Suburban Turmoil Reviews
“If your child is like mine and LOVE LOVE LOVES computer games, Jump Start is definitely the way to go…I can't wait to buy Jump Start Kindergarten, so that she can be the wunderkind of her kindergarten class in a couple of years. Heh.”

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Suburban Turmoil Reviews, November 2007

“But the problem with "learning" toys? The fact that most children would rather play than learn. How can you overcome that hurdle? The JumpStart Learning System™ gives you the best of both worlds. Your kids are having fun while learning - how cool is that?”

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CPA Mom, November 2007

Three Kid Circus
“My review for this [JumpStart World] was due on Wednesday - and honestly, it is late because I couldn't get my kid to stop playing this game long enough for me to review it! He absolutely loves it, and as always, I'm impressed with the savvy approach that JumpStart uses to keep kids engaged.”

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Three Kid Circus, November 2007

Sarah’s Dandelions
“The boys were lucky enough to receive a copy of JumpStart World, a computer learning game, to review. I can't pull them away from it... They LOVE it. It's become one of those "things" that I use... you know like... "clean your rooms if you want to play Jump Start!!!" And it works!! They run to accomplish their task so they can play more.”

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Sarah’s Dandelions, November 2007

Club Mom
“So the kid is smiling and cooperative while adding numbers or practicing phonics. It's [JumpStart World] learning cleverly disguised as fun in the truest sense.”

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Club Mom, November 2007

Spouse Buzz
“For the boys in my household, fun is the name of the game when it comes to learning. This program [Jumpstart World] is very educational, but also incorporates fun which allows the children to 'pretend' that they are only being asked to play an exciting computer game, when they are actually being asked to learn. To them it seems more like a game, with fun rewards.”

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Spouse Buzz, November 2007

Builder Mama Picks and Pans
“He loved it [JumpStart World]. Even more than his beloved Kid Pix software which we've probably almost worn out. It wasn't so easy that he got bored, but not so hard that he got frustrated. And the true test? He is able to sit there for at least 30 minutes easily without me hearing a peep from him. And I know he's not just having a good time, but he's learning and reinforcing what he has learned all at the same time. Priceless.”

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Builder Mama Picks and Pans, November 2007

Spotlight: A Gaggle of Reviews
“In our house, you know that a game is fun when the kids start fighting over who can play next! We downloaded the Kindergarten version [of JumpStart World] for LG, and MG is enjoying the refresher of the Second Grade version. Even if you know all the answers to the educational games, the games themselves are still a lot of fun. There are so many different games and missions, that it will take a very, very long time before they’ve tried all the different games!”

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Spotlight, November 2007

“JumpStart World was well worth the money for us... it's been her favorite game over the last 10 months... 10 months is an eternity for my 5 year old to stay interested in a computer game.”

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The Witness
“For the really little ones, musical games are an absolute winner. They usually require a minimum of mouse skills and are oodles of fun. I am so glad I bought “JumpStart Toddlers” distributed by Knowledge Adventure, as just about everything in it has musical triggers that are set off in uncomplicated ways.”

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The Witness, October 2006

Reviews from the Couch
“I left this morning at around 10:30am. The Cat was playing Jump Start World: First Grade. I returned home around 3:15pm. The Cat was playing Jump Start World: First Grade. Sure, I know there was some time in there where he and Husband ran a couple errands and got lunch, but the time he was home he was glued to the computer, earning "gems."

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Reviews from the Couch, December 2007

WMXB, The New Mix 103.7 (Hannah Keeley of
“You can give them video games, they love that, but they also love some of the learning software like, you know, JumpStart. All of that kind of [learning software] is really engaging for the younger set and they really enjoy doing that.”

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Imagination of your
“Knowledge Adventure has come up with another great product to support educational learning and fun. Jumpstart World: 1st Grade is a bridge between game time and brain time that kids won't even realize they are crossing.”

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Imagination of your, December 2007

App Scout
“Television and video games may have taken much of the spotlight away from reading in recent years, but Knowledge Adventure Books by You manages to capture the fun of literature and makes these stories your own for only $19.99.”

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App Scout, December 2006

Children’s Technology Review
“Another important new product to watch is JumpStart World….The real strength, though, is in the activities that were designed by the same team that created the original beloved JumpStart programs over a decade ago.”

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Children’s Technology Review, May 2007

“Making knowledge an adventure is not just a philosophy at Knowledge Adventure: it guides their software development from original concept to the final product.”

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Apple, December 2002