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Getting Started

What are the System Requirements for JumpStart World?

JumpStart World is made for Windows XP and Vista, and requires a broadband internet connection. A Pentium III-1 Ghz with at least 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended, 1 GB Vista) and a 32 MB dedicated 3D video card is also required.

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What is a broadband connection?

A broadband connection is a high-speed Internet connection which allows for a faster transmission of data than a dial-up connection. Cable and DSL connections are usually considered Broadband. Due to the extensive customization and amount of new learning content in JumpStart World, we require a broadband connection for downloading new content in the game.

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Why do I need a broadband/DSL connection?

JumpStart World is a customizable product that was designed to last several months. As such, we download large files to your computer at different times. A broadband or high speed connection like a cable modem or DSL is required to make the download as quick as possible. We are committed to the safety and protection of your child and while an internet connection is required, at no time will your child ever be online.

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Is there a version that doesn’t require an internet connection?

We are currently working on developing a version of JumpStart World K-2 that does not require an internet connection. It will likely be available early next year. Please keep an eye on our website for details and updates.

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Is there a Mac version of the game?

Not at this time. Check back on our website at www.jumpstartworld.com for the latest product announcements!

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